Provide an extra layer of protection to the metal to safeguard it.

You know that there are various electrical appliances and metallic items that are covered with anodized aluminium to prevent wear and tear as well as corrosion. Anodizing is generally done on aluminium and titanium, it is also done on other metals. So, if you are looking to protect your metals from corrosion then Anodizing Companies in UAE will help you out.

How does anodizing add value to the product?

With the help of anodizing, the value of the product gets increased and not only this, it provides firmness and makes the product corrosion-free. You might have seen some products having metallic covering but when they come in contact with oxygen or water, then they start corroding. So, in this regard, the products when anodized may last longer and work smoothly as there will be no wear and tear.

This anodizing process is quite simple and also accentuates the look of the product by providing durability. For this, Ashrafi Group has a team of expert professionals who look after each intricacy and use ultra-modern technology that helps in catering to the needs of the clients.

Are you looking for exclusive chrome plating?

You might have seen various kitchen utensils, car parts, machinery, door knobs, and various other tools and equipment have chrome plating on it to make it sturdy and also make corrosion-resistant. The surface of the equipment has chrome plating, which is easy to clean. We provide the facility with the best chrome plating that lasts long and can withstand extreme conditions.

There are different types of chrome plating and it depends on the requirement and need and according to it, also gives various benefits. So, if you want to protect the various tools and equipment from rusting then opt for Chrome Plating UAE.

How does chrome plating benefits?

The best way to prevent the metals from corrosion is to apply a thick layer of chrome on it so that there will be no wear and tear. It not only provides firmness but also makes the surface of the equipment more durable. Various agricultural equipment and hydraulic cylinders have this plating as they are continuous in use, so they must be protected. In this way, the components work smoothly because this plating improves the functionality of it.

Gold plating for superior electrical conductivity

Like chrome plating, gold plating has also myriad benefits. Not only jewellery but also electronics have gold plating on it. It can be a thin layer or thick which depends on the requirement. So, if you are looking for gold plating then, Gold Plating in UAE will help you out. You know that gold is really an expensive metal and if you apply its coating, then it will enhance the look of the product and also increase its value

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