Top of Descent


Alize Liquid Hand Wash Soap

Novogel AB

Ki-ose 390

Skin2P & Screen2P Wear Kit

Toilet Cleaning Kit

Fresh+Clean 4-in-1

Absorbent Granules

Fresh+ Clean Deodorant Disc


Ki-Ose 3-in-1

Emergency Cleaning Kit

Universal Precaution Spill Kit

Ki-ose 350 R

Ki-ose 350

Ki-ose 365


Ki-ose 320

Aero Screen Cleaner

Aero Gum Remover

Aero Leather Care Wipes

Super Concentrated Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

Heavy Duty Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

Heavy Duty Exterior Dry Wash

Aircraft Ecofriendly Concentrated Exterior Wet and Dry Wash

Aircraft Paint Stripper (Phenolic Acid)

Non-flammable phenolic paint stripper

Biodegradable Non-Hazardous Aircraft Cleaning Solvent

Thickened Solvent Based Remover

Aircraft Interior Plating in UAE

AL ASHRAFI TRADING LLC is the sole distributor of Callington PSA products. If you are looking for airplane products like airplane insecticide spraying, then it's time to contact us. Till today, we have sold out countless products and we always make sure that our product quality is top-notch. We are a group of companies who have only one goal to provide top-quality products with affordable options and make the world a safer and convenient and easy to live place.

Air Plane Interior

If you are looking for airplane interior products and services like aircraft interior plating in UAE, then you have landed on the right page. We Ashrafi Group are the leading company that provides top quality services. It's time to reach out to us. We understand how important Aircraft interiors are because interiors have the power to change the mood of your customer. It can lighten the mood and as well dull the mood of your customer. We have worked with countless clients till now and that's why we know what is working and what is not and this is the reason why you should use it.

Callington Aviation Products

We at Ashrafi Group provide the best quality of Callington aviation products at very ease. Our products include aircraft insecticides, pre-spray, cabin cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, etc. If you are looking for the best quality products that are not flammable and meet the World Health Organization criteria, then contact us.

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