Nickel Electroplating


Electroless Nickel Plating in Dubai, UAE

Nickel is mainly used on MS for corrosion protection and its attractive appearance, parts processed with Bright Nickel plating maintain their surface appearance and brightness over some time. Best used as an undercoat for silver, gold, and brass finish, Nickel plating is done on Zinc and Zinc die casts, Copper and copper alloys, and Aluminium and Aluminium die castings with an undercoat of Copper.

Nickel is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion, making it an excellent choice as a final layer. Nickel is also a magnetic material, making it an attractive option when magnetic properties are required.

Nickel can provide improved wear resistance to soft metals such as copper, resulting in longer service life.

Nickel also provides a superior barrier layer between metals that can experience self-diffusion into each other such as copper and tin. If you are looking for the services of nickel plating in Dubai, then do contact us.

Benefits of Nickel Plating in UAE

Taking the service of nickel plating has so many advantages and some of them we have mentioned below:

Prevent from Corrosion:

You can protect your substance from the corrosion. Taking service of nickel plating in UAE will ultimately benefit you in many ways and prevention of corrosion is one of the main benefits.


Product life increases and it becomes long-lasting and easy to maintain. We provide affordable services with easy maintenance.

Use for Decoration Purposes:

After getting nickel plating services, you can use items as decorative items means you don't have to invest extra money to buy new items. Nickel plating makes the items more glowing and shiny.

Improved Hardness:

Nickel also improves the hardness of the materials making them stronger and more durable.

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