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Padlock Type Seals

Unisto Padlock 4 / Padlock 4 LT

A Padlock Type of Security Seal The high security Padlock 4 provides additional tamper resistance over Padlock 3, with the same ease of sealing - designed to be able to be sealed with a single hand. Hasp diameter 3.8 mm. Variety of colours...
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Unisto Padlock 3 / Padlock 3 LT

A single-hand fastening Padlock Security Seal. Mostly used to seal Food and Duty-free Trolleys in the Airline and Catering industry. Sealing of Pouches and Boxes are further fields of applications. Available in a range of colours for...
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Unisto Padlock 2

Padlock Type Security Seal most common used in the Airline, Catering and Cash-in-Transit business to seal Food, Duty-Free Trolleys and ATM Cassettes. Ideal for other applications such as sealing Pouches, Life Jackets, Medical- and Health...
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Unisto M-Seal

Padlock Type Security Seal with a steel wire hasp to apply on Duty Free Trolleys in the Airline and Catering sector. Sometimes also used to seal gas-, water- or electricity meters. The steel wire hasp deters opportunistic theft. Tamper...
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Unisto Targo

Padlock type Security Seal with a Metal Hasp mainly used in the Airline Industrie to seal Catering- and Duty-Free Carts. Due to its robust design it is very popular in the Cash-in-Transit sector as well. A unique designed window at...
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Unisto Qubis

A unique Security Sealing system combining a Metal Padlock and a tamper evident plastic sleeve. This offers an ideal solution to seal Duty-Free and Drinks Trolleys in the Airline industry. Fits to other applications such as Containers, Roll...
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Unisto Synergie

A special Security Seal system to seal Truck Doors, Containers, Trailers and Railway Wagons. A special Tamper Evident Barrier Metal Padlock with a Hasp diameter of 10.0 mm deters opportunistic theft. A plastic security sleeve protects the...
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