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Fix Length Seals

Unisto Indicator

Fixlength Security Seal with a unique designed double-locking closing mechanism. That seal is the optimal solution for sealing of Freight Containers, truck and trailer doors. Well-established in the Transport, Retail, Railway and Logistic...
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Unisto Integer

A Fix Length Security Seal with a unique designed locking jaw to seal Truck doors, Trailers and Containers. Used in industries such as Logistics, Railway, Retail and Transport. Easy to control due to its special breaking point which is...
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Unisto Unilock

Very popular Fixlength Security Seal used for sealing Truck doors, Trailers, Railwail Wagons und Containers. Retailers and Forwarders use this seal since years. Ingenious locking mechanism with a clearly visible breaking point outside of...
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Unisto Fixlock / Fixlock LT

Brand New Fix Length Security seal for applications such as Containers, Boxes, Truck and Trailer Doors. Widely used in the Cash in Transit, Railway and Transport industry. Minimum hole diameter of 7 mm plus required. Snake-line on ribbon...
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Unisto Revo FL

Fixlength Security Seal used in the Airline industry to seal Food-and Duty-Free Trolleys. Unique patented ribbon profile (3.0 x 4.0 mm) increases security level. Barcode or number is always visible because this Security Seals hangs always...
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Unisto Banco 1

Fixed length Security Seal used in the Bank/Cash in transit industry for applications such as Cash and Mail bags in Mail Rooms. The locking mechanism fits zippers with small eyelets. Easy to break off by hand without the need for tools. The...
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